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About Us

A powerful, agile, all-in-one recruiting tool designed with productivity in mind and loaded with features to help you hire more successfully.

We’re the hiring system for people-first companies.

Our software is set up to allow everyone on your team to contribute to the hiring effort. You can easily divvy up the work and get everyone involved.

Our Values

We improve planning, collaboration and recruiting processes so people-first companies can consistently and fairly hire the best talent.

Interactive human resource workflow.

Create application process faster with pre-screening tasks and assignments. This way, you can identify commited applicants.

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3. Write a motivation letter about why you want to work with us and your product knowledge

Innovatively built for recruiters and applicants.

We create engaging experience with our dedicated tool, post an application and let your candidates self-checkout their way towards.

Our Leadership

We improve planning, collaboration and developing processes so can consistently and fairly give best software to clients.

Joseph Shandy Harvian

Head of Operations

Abednego F. K.

Digital Marketing Lead

Ayu Lestari

Graphic Designer Lead

Liana Setiawan

Senior Technical Engineer